Agro-Tourism Trade Fair 2002

EXPLORE PHILIPPINES 2002 (North luzon)

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CABICA Agrarian Reform Community: Bamboo Craft

The Exlpore Philippines is a tour caravan from all over the Philippines and also foreigners, of course.

Rock Fountains

Desktop Rock Fountain

Another Rock Fountain

Bamboo Indoor Fountain

Serenity = sound of flowing water right inside your room/office

Our Display Booth

Believe it or not, this booth won the 1st prize for Best Booth!

Driftwood Fountain


Calling card holder, invitation holder, pitcher, etc

CABICA Bamboocraft is a livelihood project involving farmer-beneficiaries of the agrarian reform program of the Philippine government. It is a sustainable area-based rural enterprise development project of the CABICA Agrarian Reform Community localetd in Penablanca, Cagayan, Philippines. For more information, contact: The Department of Agrarian Reform, Municipal Agrarian Reform Office, Penablanca, Cagayan, Philippines.