Pavvurulun 2002 Trade Fair

CABICA Agrarian Reform Community (CABICA ARC)

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PAVVURULUN 2002 Trade Fair, Tuguegarao City, Philippines

Bamboocraft and recycled materials.

Bamboo Indoor Fountain

Indoor Fountain with Lampshade.

Fountain with Underwater Lamp

We also call this the Gelatin Fountain.

Driftwood Lampshade

This piece of wood had seen better days before it was salvaged from the river, about to be used as firewood.

Driftwood Lampshade with Fountain

Soft light and the gentle sound of water is very relaxing.

Another Driftwood Lampshade with Fountain

Wood from roots of dead trees are usually used as firewood in our predominantly farming community until our farmers/agrarian reform beneficiaries found a way of converting them into cash.

Lampshade with Fountain

This tabletop lamp with fountain soothes the mind amid your chaotic office.


*Municipal Agrarian reform Officer (MARO) of Penablanca town explaining a few things about the bamboo craft as livelihood project of local farmers.

With our friends

Department of Agrarian Reform Assistant Secretary Chely Ponce (center) with bamboo craft producer Melecio Baggay (right) and friend.

DAR Assistant Secretary Chely Ponce (center) and friend with bamboo craft producer Ramon Maquema.