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EXHIBIT BOOTH. CABICA Agrarian Reform Community, through the Cabasan Soil Tillers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, a leading ARC people's organization in the community, represented the ARC during the National Trade in SM Megamall, Manila, Philippines and was able to show its products consisting of handicrafts made from natural forest products/recycled materials to the delight of traders-exporters who have become our new clients.

The National Trade Fair is a very important event and is considered a must in the establishment of a market niche for the development and expansion of agrarian reform beneficiaries' rural enterprises.

It openned the door to the global market by providing opportunities for bamboo craft producers and exporters to interact. It also served as a venue to assess existing product quality and capacity to produce goods that should satisfy international standards.

The Selling Area

There are actually two booths, the Display Area and the Selling Area. Our selling area however, became a work area as several products have to be assembled at once in order not to keep clients waiting for their purchased items.

For more information, WRITE to:

Cabasan Soil Tillers MPC, Cabasan, Penablanca, Cagayan, Philippines

ALSO: Department of Agrarian Reform, Penablanca, Cagayan, Philippines 3500